Better monitoring for data teams

Redata is an open-source platform that helps data teams reduce costs related to data bugs by computing health metrics on their data, visualizing and alerting if something is not right.

Still early in development, but first version is there :) Check it out on GitHub, or just talk with us on Slack.


How it works?

Tracking data across different sources

We support tracking your data in different databases. Check our Github for details.

Alerting if data breaks

How do we know when it is? We don't.. but we can cover lot of cases. Some examples are: data is smaller, older with different distribution than expected.

Everything stays in your environment

You don't need to log anything out of your systems. We use open-source tools for storing analytics data in your environment.

It's open source

Our solution is open source, so feel free to use it as is. If you need more support, contact us will be happy to help with setup/deployment.

Contact us

Want to learn more about implementing Redata in your organization? Shoot us an email at, or contact via this form:

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